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Brands Worth Supporting

In a world where everyone has a brand, let's throw some support behind the brands that are truly worth supporting.

DEZI by Desi Perkins

“I'm not even trying to be dramatic, but for the past few years the only sunglasses I've worn have been created by Desi Perkins... even my prescription glasses are her custom frames.”

If your like me you know who Desi Perkins is, she's a fiercely creative YouTube creator and now a new brand owner of Dezi. Needless to say I've been a fan for years and I've been religiously buying her sunglasses since she first began working with Quay Australia. So it's amazing to see her come off an insanely successful collaborations with Quay, to now proudly owning her own brand. If you needed a reason to gain interest in this brand check out her latest collection DEZ NUDO the best collection for every skin tone.

Favorite Pairs

Backtrack - $85

Charge It - $85

Want to shop DEZI shades?


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