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The XIXI Brand

Adrienne Houghton has an empire on her hands, and it's because she simply created jewelry for the everyday woman at a reasonable price point -- she heard our prayers.

XIXI by Adrienne Houghton

"This brand truly represents the everyday woman, whether it's having the essentials, delicate or more supreme pieces XIXI has the range."

XIXI is Adrienne Houghton's faith-based jewelry line that thrives when it comes to collections, as of right now the brand has launched 16 diverse collections that speak to all jewelry lovers. I love good quality jewelry and Adrienne provides that, she cares about the details, even straight down to the packaging.

The priciest piece on her site is $80, but she understands the sweet spot of pricing which is phenomenal for the individuals on a budget, or for the ones that want fairly priced jewelry. My favorite collections have to be Essentials, Gold Rush, and So New York. I'm a firm believer that jewelry can take an outfit to the next level, so if your thinking you need to do better, check out XIXI.

Favorite Pieces

The Golden Hour Earrings - $35

The Paper Clip Earrings - $20

The Geometric Diamond Stud Set - $20

Want to shop XIXI?


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